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Alexander Royal Gothic Vest

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Superb long brocade unisex vest with tails, in the royalist style, perfect for themed evenings or even to add a touch of elegance to your daily outfits! Buttons are decorative. Hook and eye closure at waist. 

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 Length 38.5in (98cm) 38.5in (98cm) 38.5in (98cm) 39.75in (101cm) 39.75in (101cm) 41in (104cm) 41in (104cm) 41in (104cm) 41in (104cm)
 Bust 39.5in (100cm) 41in (104cm) 42.5in (108cm) 44in (112cm) 46.4in (118cm) 48.75in (124cm) 51in (130cm) 53.5in (136cm) 56in (142cm)
 Waist 36.25in (92cm) 37.75in (96cm) 39.5in (100cm) 41in (104cm) 43.25in (110cm) 45.5in (116cm) 48in (122cm) 50.25in (128cm) 52.75in (134cm)
 Shoulder Across 16in (41cm) 16.5in (42cm) 17in (43cm) 17.5in (44cm) 17.75in (45cm) 18in (46cm) 18.5in (47cm) 19in (48cm) 19.25 (49cm)