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Weapon of Choice

Chartres Chestplate

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Weapon of Choice New Orlean’s Chestplates are a rich and unique answer to almost 200 years of boring neckwear. As an intentionally unisex item, it’s also beautiful over a top, dress or a woman’s suit.

The Chartres Chestplate is hand tinted to fade from almost black to copper to a pale gold, then layer on top of a panel of black embroidered lac, a vintage black medallion, and a bronze sword. Clasps in back on an adjustable chain like a necklace.

Even though it’s named after a street in the French Quarter, New Orleans (and before that, for a city in France), it’s pronounced with a good old American accent as “Chart-Ers.” (Hahaha!)

Designed and hand made by Laura Shrewsbury in her New Orleans studio, each Chestplate is a work of wearable art. Each item is lovingly made by hand one at a time.