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The Pretty Cult

Hollywood Cemetery Necklace

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Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia is home to the inspirational gate for this necklace and is known for its lore around the Richmond vampire.

The legend of the Richmond Vampire starts more than 90 years ago when the Church Hill Tunnel collapsed on Oct. 2, 1925.

For those who know the story, at least four people were killed after the tunnel collapsed trapping and killing railroad workers inside. The steam engine and at least two of those killed still remain inside the now sealed off tunnel.

This is where the Richmond Vampire made his first and last appearance. After the tunnel collapsed a bloody creature with jagged teeth and skin hanging from his body emerged. Some say this creature was the Richmond Vampire and he was feasting on the bodies from the deadly accident.

Some say the bloody creature made a run for it towards the James River and after being chased disappeared into the mausoleum of W. W. Pool in Hollywood Cemetery. The Mausoleum sits in Hollywood Cemetery with the date 1913. Some believe not showing a birth and death date represent his immortality and others say that was the date of his wife’s death.

Antique silver metal with clasp
16 inch chain
Measures 2.5 x 3.5 inches