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  • Shadows in Salem - Die With Your Boots On
  • Shadows in Salem - Die With Your Boots On
  • Shadows in Salem - Die With Your Boots On
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FunDead Publications

Shadows in Salem Paperback

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For anyone who knows the history, Salem, Massachusetts has more than a few stories to tell. Travel to the Witch City within the pages of these collected short stories, and know the captivating nature of one of the oldest towns in America.

Feel the summer breeze at Salem Willows and smell the scent of mulled cider drifting down Derby Street. See the wharf from a birds-eye-view, feel your toes in the sand while the sun sets over Dead Horse Beach, and find the secrets that reside in the very cracks of three-hundred-year-old tombstones in the Old Burying Ground. Spend a night among ghosts and witches and know the magic of Salem, where myth and legend collide with truth. Do beware, dear friends, for the Witch City has a dark side, and there is more to those legends than what you might read in the pages of a dusty old book. Remember to look over your shoulder, for you never know what shadows follow you down that dimly lit corridor.

Writers: Nancy Brewka-Clark, Kathleen Halecki, Patrick Cooper, Alec Anthony Firicano, Amber Newberry, Laurie Moran, David J. Gibbs, Jonathan D. Nichols, Brian Malachy Quinn, Jonathan Shipley, M.R. DeLuca, Mary Jo Fox, Salinda Tyson, Mike Carey, P.L. McMillan, Bill Dale Grizzle, Melissa McArthur, Richard Farren Barber, R.C. Mulhare,