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The Devil's Death: Your Satanic Companion For Grief & Dying

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Award-winning author and Satanic Priestess, Shiva Honey, teamed up with biologist Betty Lee and herbalist Heather Mourer to create a comprehensive guide to support you through loss and end-of-life planning. The Devil’s Death is an unprecedented resource that combines research, story, and ritual to help you confront fears, navigate grief, embolden your agency, and rekindle your relationship with death. Despite being created for the Satanic community, this book has been embraced by people from all walks of life courageous enough to embark on a journey to more deeply understand their needs around grief and death, and establish the tools to support their communities and loved ones through these universal experiences.

First Edition black on black foiled paperback is both a resource and infernal work of art. The book is fully illustrated by Shiva Honey and Alexander Corey. 242 pages.